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The Honourable chief Minister's comprehensive Insurance scheme is avaible in GMKMC

For eligibilty  http://www.cmchistn.com/instructions.pdf

Speciality OP Days

          Speciality                                            Days

 Pediatric Surgery                               Monday, Tuesday,Thursday and Friday

Neuro Medicine                                 On all Days except Sundays

Neuro Surgery                                    Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Urology                                               Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday

Nephrology                                          Tuesday and thursday

Cardiology                                           On all days -New cases
                                                             Review Op on Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday

CardioThoracic Surgery                       Monday, Tuesday ,Thursday and friday

Plastic Surgery                                      Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Medical gastroennterology                      All days

Surgical gastroeneterology                       Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Other Services 

Janani SUraksha Yojana

       a) RS 600 cheque given to all urban women delivered in GH

      b) Rs 700 cheque given to all rural women delivered in GH

Janani SHishu Suraksha Karyakaram

       Dropping of post natal mother from hospital to their home free of cost

Family Welfare programme

        a) Pueperal sterilization done for delivered women who have 2 and above children within 7 days of delivery and RS 600               given as compensatory amount

       b) Laparoscopic sterlization done concurrently with MTP and also in case of interval sterilization with RS 600 as                           compensation     

      c) Medical termnation of pregnancy upto 20 weeks of gestation done

      d) Non-scalpel vasectomy done and RS 1100 goven as compensation

     e) PPIUCD insertion has been done for all delivered mothers within 48 hrs of delivery

     f) AMMA BABY CARE kit is given to all babies delivered at GH free of cost

     g) Non-communicable disease prevention programme of screening for cancer cervix done


      Developmental impairment is a common problem in child health that occurs in approximately 10% of childhood population and even more among at risk children discharged from the sick newborn care unit.

     District early intervention centre  under Rashtria Bal Swasthya Karyakaram scheme is functioning in GMKMC

    RBSK -child health screening and early intervention services programme under NRHM aims at early detection and                   management of the Ds prevalent in children i.e defects at birth, disease in children ,deficiency conditions and development       delays including disablities.     
     The district early intervention centre will provide referral support to children detected with health conditions during                  screening by RBSK mobile health team.The children and students presumtively diagnosed to have a disease /deficiency          /disability/defect and who require confirmatory test or follow-up examination are being done via DEIC.

    All issues relate to the development delays, hearing defect ,vision impairment ,speech and language delay  are taken care      at DEIC. Newborn screening and follow-up of high risk children  are also done.   

    The idea behind this is to intervene early and minimize disability. Once the disability is already established then the                  intervention would include enhancement of child development for the child to reach the highest potential for the child                possible and prevent progression to handicap that may arise from  activity limirtation.


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