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Radiology department established at government hospital Salem in 1953.  Initially X-ray unit installed in this hospital and x-ray service provided to the patients.
Later in 1989 Ultrasound service came to the radiology department, now an average 110 to 140 cases of ultrasound done daily in Radio-diagnosis department.
First single slice CT scan started in this hospital in 1997. Then onwards all types of CT scan taken to the both IP and OP patients, now an average 90-100scans done per day. 24 hours CT scan emergency service available in this department
Doppler ultrasound with high frequency ultrasound facility started in our department in 2004, now an average 7 to 9 scans of Doppler done per day.

X-ray mammogram started in this hospital in the year 2005 and start functioning.
In The year 2011 the Department of Radio- diagnosis shifted to the new super speciality building (PMSSY building).Here New high quality services established to the patients service.
1.5 Tesla MRI with higher software facilities started in 2011.It provides all newer imaging techniques and services to the patients. Averagely 18 to 24 cases of MRI daily done

FIRST TIME in Tamilnadu Government medical college hospitals,  128 slice CT scan started in Department of Radio diagnosis, GMKMCH Salem in the year 2011.It provides all types of CT angiogram studies to the patients .
High frequency 800mA x-ray unit with IITV started in 2011 at Radio diagnosis department. Contrast procedure services provided to patients. Now an average 4 to 5cases done per day
Single slice CT scan  replaced  by Four slice  CT in 2013 . It  improved the  quality  of the images .
 600mA x-ray unit with Computer Radiography (CR) started at OPD block in 2015
800mA X-ray with Digital Radiography(DR) and PACS installed at new block IN 2015

Four slice CT  scan  replaced  by the  16 slice CT scan  in 2018. It improved the  quality  of the  images , reduced  scan  time  and  provided   quality 3D images  
Academics at  Department of   Radio-diagnosis:
First CRA course was started in  2008 
First DRA course was started in  2008
First DRDT  Course started in 2011

Ultrasound training  given to the e PHC medical officers, Government hospital Asst.surgeons and  ESI hospital doctors  throughout the calendar year
Basic Radio-diagnosis classes taken for the Pre-final, final year M.B; B.S students and
Post graduate students (Gen.Sur., Gen.Med.,Ortho, OG) during their Radio-diagnosis posting.
PCPNDT six month USG training given to service and non-service medical officer from Dec2015 to May 2016

Research  activities and  publications:

    1.INPHASE OPPOSED PHASE SEQUENCE  IN MRI DIFFERENTIATING  NEOPLASTIC LESIONS  OF BONE MARROW FROM NONNEOPLASTIC LESIONS OF BONE MARROW Title : International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology   Volume 5,Issuel : Page No 146-156.january –February  2016 ISSN:2278-5299  First  author:   Dr. N.Sundareswaran MDRD

2. .MRI COLONOGRAPHY VERSES CONVENTIONAL COLONOSCOPY IN DETECTION OF COLONIC POLYPOSIS Title:International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology Volume 5,Issue 2:Page No 80-85.March-April-2016.  ISSN:2278-5299  First  author:   Dr. P.Kumar MDRD

3..UTILITY OF TRANSRECTAL ULTRASOUND WITH POWER DOPPLER IMAGING GUIDED BIOPSY IN THE DETECTION OF PROSTATE CANCER Title:International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology Volume 5,Issue 2:Page No 40-43.March-April-2016. ISSN:2278-5299
second author Dr. P.Kumar MDRD

4. .CHARECTERIZATION OF ADRENAL  MASSES WITH CONTRAST ENHANCED CT-WAHSOUT STUDY Title :International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology  Volume 5,Issue 3:Page No6-10.March-June 2016
ISSN:2278-5299 second  author:   Dr. N.Sundareswaran MDRD


800mA with DIGITAL Radiography and PACS PMSSY

300mA with IITV (fluoroscopy)OP BLOCK ROOM 19

50mA mobile unit Room 17    60mA mobile unit room 17A

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