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      i)           Periodic academic activities in the departments.
Clinical case discussion on every Thursday for General Medicine PGs. Journal club on every Wednesday
      ii)         Research and Publication

  1. Mugundhan Krishnan, Palanivel Rajan, Chandrasekharan Kesavadas, Rajesh   Shankar Iyer. The ‘heart appearance’ sign in MRI in bilateral       medial medullary infarction. Postgrad Med J 2011 87: 156-157.
  1. K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Posterior Circulation Stroke in a Young Male following Snake Bite. JAPI. September 2008 VOL.56: 713-714.
  2. K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Epidermal Nevus Syndrome- A Neuro-Cutaneous Marker. JAPI. September 2009 VOL.57: 646.
  3. K Mugundhan, Arun Maski, JA Elanchezian, V Rajkumar, A Thangaraj,  R Anbalagan. Mixed Movement Disorder as the Presenting Manifestation of Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemia. JAPI. June 2010 VOL.58.387-388.
  4. K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Congenital Crocadile Tears with Duane’s Syndrome- Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Syndrome. JAPI. May 2011 VOL.59: 2.
  5. K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Familial Episodic Ataxia Type II. JAPI. October 2011 VOL.59: 666.
Papers/posters presented in National Conference:
  1. Young Stroke of Indeterminate Cause- at Annual Conference Of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2008 at New Delhi, India
  2.  Persistent hypoglossal artery- A rare vascular anomaly- at Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2009 at Kochi, India.
  3. Familial Episodic Ataxia Type II- at Annual Conference of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2010 at Trichy, India.
  4. An Interesting Case of Bilateral Anterior Cerebral Artery Infarct- at Annual Conference Of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2011 at Pune, India. 
iii) CME/Workshops/Seminars conducted

one full day CME on “the common neurological disorders” was conducted on 17 Aug 2012 with accreditation by The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University for 10 credit points

  1. Number of units in the department: 2
  2. O.P Days & Timings: 8am to 12noon (all days except on Sundays)
  3. I.P Unit & Admission day:
Unit I – Monday, Wednesday, Friday;
Unit II – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  1. Bed strength of Department: 10 male, 10 female, 4ICU
  2. Average O.P: 89,000/annum
  3. Average I.P: 1,200 /annum
  4. Special clinics: Epilepsy clinic – all Tuesdays; Headache clinic – all Wednesdays.
  5. Average tests:
1) EEG tests: 1000/annum,
2) ENMG: 476/annum,
3)TCD: 240 /annum,
4) ECG: 300/annum    
       Ix      List of diseases covered under CM Health Insuranace Scheme
TN0705 : ADEM or Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis
TN0706 : Neuropathies (GBS)
TN0707 : Optic Neuritis
TN0708 : Immunoglobulin Therapy - IV
TN0709 : Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Poly Neuropathy (CIDP)
TN0710 : Hemorrhagic Stroke/Strokes
TN0711 : Ischemic Strokes
TN0712 : Myopathies - Acquired
TN0713 : Neuromuscular (Myasthenia Gravis)
TN0714 : Neuroinfections -Pyogenic Meningitis
TN0715 : Tb Meningitis
TN0716 : Neuroinfections -Viral Meningoencephalitis (Includingherpes Encephalitis)
TN0717 : Fungal Meningitis (Min 20 Days In ICU)
TN0718 : Management of Coma
TN0728 : Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis


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