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   Department of Forensic medicine not only deals with legal aspects of medicine but also medical issues pertaining with law. This department deals with the application of medical knowledge to aid in the administration of justice. Thus this medical department forms a link between health department, judicial department and police department.  So the police authorities and judicial authorities designate the Head of the department as “The District police surgeon “.
          Department of Forensic medicine of Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical college deals with the expert medico-legal issues of Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Namakkal, Kallakurichi and Vizhupuram.       


1 1999 1092 61 158 155
2 2000 1084 86 155 150
3 2001 1225 69 125 180
4 2002 1253 98 134 354
5 2003 1119 157 209 172
6 2004 1219 209 285 185
7 2005 1410 205 222 249
8 2006 1291 206 124 28
9 2007 1364 184 206 258
10 2008 1402 283 272 245
11 2009 1469 214 313 307
12  2010 1633 323 314 277
13 2011 1772 386 267 329
14 2012 1937 183 208       102
15 2013 2091 185 230  23                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
16 2014 2209 216 240 NIL
17 2015 ( 2374 254 273 NIL
18 2016 till date 1551 136 101 NIL
Expert opinions :-

Apart from regular postmortem examination ,sexual offence examination of accused ( potency and age) and victim,Hyoid bone examination  the datas of which given above,  Expert opinions for the postmortems done at periphery centers are being given on requisition from the magistrate and the investigating officers. Also exhumations and spot postmortems are being done by the medical fraternities of this department.
Blood sample collection for grouping.
Blood sample collection for DNA analysis by FTA cards in case of paternity disputes.

Academics :-
Classes for Medicos of second M.B.B.S ( Regular and intermediate)are regularly conducted on two days of a week- Wednesday and Saturday. One of the two days is allotted to practical session in which students are also taken to mortuary to watch postmortem  . Regular symposiums, seminars, internal assessments and viva are being conducted to train the future doctors in medico-legal work.
A Continuing  medical education program was conducted  on November 2012,in which medico legal experts from all over the state , police officials  and experts from Regional Forensic lab participated .
Also special symposiums are being conducted at regular intervals—the faculties being the Director of Forensic medicine, the Assistant Director of Regional Forensic lab and the Scientific assistant.
Judicial magistrates (trainees) are posted in our department to gain relavent medico legal  knowledge.
Students are taken to the court to get exposure of observing the evidences given by the experts.

Assignment to students

MBBS students are divided in to 15 groups and each group is assigned to prepare charts and models about the important topics in forensic medicine which are displayed in the department museum.

Quiz  competetition:
4 teams with 2 students in each team participated in the inter medical college forensic medicine quiz competition conducted by Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan medical college.  Our students  faired well with 1 team reached the final of the competition.

Museum Work;.
Specimens of  medico legal importance are preserved and mounted in jars with relavent labeling
Enlarged photographs of forensic importence are prepared in charts and kept of  students.
Topics of  medico legal signifigance  enlarged and laminated for easy learning of students.
Wet  specimens of various types of snake are mounted and displayed with proper label.
Dummy, shot guns with catridges, riffle weapons with bullets.
New pathological specimens  of medicolegal  importance are collected and displayed.    
Special  posting  for the CRRI:

CRRI’s  are posted on rotation basis for the period of 15 days from the optional postings. During the period they are instructed to assist in all the regular  medicolegal  works.  Like postmortem examination, sexual offence examination, age estimation and prepare the certificates for the above work.

3 Exhumations have been conducted in around salem in the past 1 month on the request of the concerned tahsildars.
Spot postmortem was conducted  on these  three bodies with video graphing  done throughout the procedure. 

Newly constructed mortuary

Newly constructed mortuary as per the MCI norms with an area of400 sq.mt. The mortuary has the cold storage facility of 24 dead bodies at a time. The spacious dissection hall is well lit with the natural light.

 Recent journal publication

Dr.K.Gokularamanan,Professor of dept of forensic medicine
 J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci./eISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN- 2278-4748/ Vol. 5/ Issue 46/ June 09, 2016
Dr.R.Sangeetha assistant professor of deptof  forensic medicine

 J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci./eISSN- 2278-4802, pISSN- 2278-4748/ Vol. 5/ Issue 53/ July 04, 2016 


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