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                                Students interested in this area of body science are guided by a team of dedicated faculty members with excellent teaching resources. The sessions are a mix of both theoretical/practical training and pre-clinical knowledge instruction. Regular symposia, seminars and journal club meetings create forums for the exchange of ideas. Faculty members use both vertical and horizontal methods of lecture and demonstration classes so that students can have a deeper understanding of applied physiology.
                        Physiology students have access to spacious laboratories outfitted with the latest equipment:
  • Haematology laboratory: microscopes, binocular microscopes, centrifuges, haemocytometer along with other equipment for conducting haematology experiments.
  • Mammalian laboratory: facilities for experiments on large and small animals
  • Clinical physiology laboratory: equipped for examining human subjects, such as ECG, spirometer, ergometer, perimeter
  • Amphibian laboratory: equipment for conducting heart and muscle experiments
  • Research laboratory: polygraphs and physiographs for recording and studying the physiological activities of the subjects.
                        The undergraduate students are given a sound grounding in the basics of physiology. The curriculum is comprised of lectures backed by practical classes where students apply concepts in real time.
Academic Activities:
                             Following students are trained up in Physiology 
(i) Post graduate Medical students –
      1) MD (Gen.Medicine),
      2) M.S (Gen.Surgery),
      3) M.S (Ortho)
      4) M.D (Paed)
(ii) Under graduate Medical students - MBBS
(iii) B.Sc (Nursing) students
(iv) Paramedical Courses:
        1) ECG Technician
        2) Emergency Care Technician
        3) Dialysis Technician
        4) Anesthesia Technician
        5) Theatre Technician
        6) Ortho Technician
        7) Radiology Technician
        8) DRDT
        9) DRTT
       10) Nursing Assistant
       11) Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
Internal assessment Examination:
               Total Eight Internal assessment Examinations will be conducted for MBBS &
            BSc  (Nursing) courses.
University Exam Details:
                  University examination will be held on every February & August.
Teaching Staff Pattern:
                         Professor and Head of the Department
                          Associate Professor
                          Assistant Professor
  Non Teaching Staff Pattern:
                Technicians – Grade I  &    Grade II
                      Office Assistant
                      Sanitary Worker
Various departmental activities and salient features of the department
  • Teaching the students about the various aspects of physiology in theory classes.
  • Demonstrating the Hematology experiments in practical Classes.
  • Training the students in Practical hematology.
  • Demonstrating the Clinical Physiology experiments including the Recording the Blood Pressure and examination of various systems of Human Body.
  • Demonstrating the ECG recording and interpretation of ECG to students.
  • Demonstration and interpretation of Spirometry to students.
  • Training the students in Practical Clinical Physiology.
  • Conducting Seminar and symposium in various topics in Physiology and its applied aspects.
  • Teaching the problem based learning to the students
  • Quiz for students on prescribed Topics
  • Assessment of the students in the form of conducting theory and practical examinations and viva regularly.
  • Maintaining the attendance for theory and practical classes for students.
  • Research work in various fields in physiology by the Faculty members.
  • Sending the internal assessment marks of the students to the University as per the prescribed norms.
  • Periodic continuing medical education programs are being conducted by this department for updating the current trends.
Prizes won 

our first M.B.B.S students of 2013-14 batch S.Madhuravardhini ,P.Mamtha ,P.Santhoshkumar, A.AbdulRafihameen as           two teams attended the South India level physiology quiz 'UTTANGA' at KIMS ,Bangalore .They were selected in the               priliminary round and went for the final quiz.
        our first M.B.B.S students of the 2013-14 batch S.Mathuravardini, P.Santhoshkumar, A.AbdulRafihameen, S.Mannoj               kumar, V.Kiruthika, A.Nikhitha participated in the Intercollege physiology quiz HOR'MANIA' -2014conducted by                        Dharmapuri Medical college.
        our first M.B.B.S students of the 2014-15 batch A.Aashika Parveen, A.Riyasdheen, G.Obuli Srinivasan, K.Vijay,                     C.T.Ramya,D.Sivakumar participated in the Intercollege physiology quiz 'Gastroquiz-2015' conducted by                                K.A.P.Viswanatham Govt. Medical college,Trichy.

1.Our first MBBS students of 2016-2017 batch 1.K.Thanveer Ayub 2.S.Soorya 3.O.Joseph Liyaskar ,4.S.S Kumarakurubharan, 5.K.Matheshwaran & 6.M.Srinivas has participated  in the intercollege quiz competition in hematology 'HAEMRACE' held at SRI MANAKULA VINAYAGAR MEDICAL COLLEGE,Pondicherry on 28.1.2017.
2.Our department has conducted an intercollege quiz competition(comprising 2 colleges) in cardiovascular system  on 21.3.2017 in our lecture hall ,in which students of Dharmapuri medical college and our college students participated as 4 teams (2teams from each college).
3.Our first MBBS students of 2016-2017 batch 1.P.Sharmila 2.S.Soorya 3.O.Joseph Liyaskar ,4.Annie Thomas, 5.Y.Sri Souderya & 6.S.Nishanthini has participated  in the intercollege quiz competition ON CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM 'Hyrdaya-2017' held at MADURAI MEDICAL COLLEGE  on 25.3.2017.

  Our Department of Physiology conducted a CME on- 'A Current Scenario on Diabetic Nephropathy'  on 25.11.2015 at         auditorium between 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM.
This activity was reviewed and accepted by The Centre for Accreditation,The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University and the University gave 5 credit points for this educational activity in Category II. 


Our first MBBS students of 2015-2016 batch 1.S.Mathiyarasu,2.B.Naveen, 3.Rishab jain ,4.M.Sharmila,5.Riha mehrin,6.Swapna sriram has participated  in the intercollege quiz competition 'SPIRO QUIZ-2016' held at Government vellore Medical college,vellore on 24th march 201

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