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            Department of Anatomy innovated in 1991 with qualified and experienced faculty members with research background.Innovative learning and teaching methodologies have been adopted for future medical and para-medical professionals.
          The Anatomy department is fully equipped to train Young Doctors and healthcare professionals who are in great demand in a fastgrowing world.The Anatomy sessions have a balanced approach with the combination of didactic lectures,dissections and demonstrations of cadavers and specimens.Microanatomical study of the individual organs and teachers students interaction in the form of seminars and symposia.
I Dissection Hall:
          The spacious,well-ventilated dissection hall has the infrastructure for dissection and demonstration of cadavers and specimens respectively.
II Histology Laboratory:
          The laboratory is equipped with adequate microscopes and other infrastructure facilities that help the students to understand the microanatomy of human organs for their routine curricular studies and research purposes.
III Museum:
          System wise mounted specimens,models of human body at various levels and also the embryological models are exhibited,including the osteological aspects.
IV Library:
          The Department library has numerous collection of books in the fields of Gross Anatomy,embryology,Histology,Osteology,Neuroanatomy,surface marking,Radiology,clinical anatomy including comparative anatomy with total number of 303 books.
V Research Laboratory:
          Students are encouraged to do research in various fields of Anatomy.
          M.B.B.S Students are trained to acquire knowledge in various fields such as gross Anatomy,Microanatomy,Developmental Anatomy,Radiological Anatomy and their applications in Health and disease conditions,including normal and abnormal situations.
Academic activities
          Following students are trained up in Anatomy:
1.Post-graduate Medical Students
          i)M D(General Medicine)
          ii)M S(General Surgery)
          iii)M S(Ortho)
          iv)M D(Paediatrics)
2.Undergraduate Medical Students
3.B.Sc(Nursing) students
4.Students of Paramedical courses
          i)ECG technician
          ii)Emergency care technician
          iii)Dialysis care technician
          iv)Anaesthesia technician
          v)Theatre technician
          vi)ortho technician
          vii)Radiology technician
          The students are trained methodically and systemically through successive internal assessment tests,both in theory and practicals.They are even guided to proceed their concerned recordworks properly.The knowledge of the students being enriched via intermittent intradepartmental Quiz programmes.
          It is proposed to encourage the students for the prize exams in Anatomy.




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