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  Periodic Academic Activities In The Department   
Monday Clinical Pharmacology Exercises
Tuesday Museum and animal house teaching
Wednesday Journal Club
Thursday Seminars
Friday Experimental pharmacology - exercises
 Saturday Symposiums
Integrated teaching Programme
Regular symposiums  being conducted by the students every 3rd Saturday in various topics like
  • NSAIDS – current status
  • Insulin  analogue
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Adverse drug reaction
  • Anticholinesterase poisoning
  • Pharmacotherapy of Parkinsonism
  • Approach to patient with hypertension
  • Treatment of malaria
  • Cancer chemotherapy
  • Arrhythmia and its management
  •  Anti platelet drugs
  • Organophosphorus compound poisoning
            Seminars by the faculties for MBBS and nursing students are being conducted regularly.
                        Second messengers
                        Psychoneuro pharmacology
                        Diuretics and cardiovascular diseases
                        Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System
                        Current trends in diabetic management
Guidelines for rational use of antibiotics
New drug development
            Our department has participated in vertical and horizontal integrated teaching programmes for MBBS students along with other clinical and non-clinical departments every month.
            1.         Diabetes Mellitus
            2.         Tuberculosis
            3.         Enteric Fever
            4.         Malaria
            5.         Epilepsy
            Being conducted by the faculties every Wednesday ,
Articles from the following journals were covered,
            1. Indian Jouranal of Pharmacology
            2.The Lancet
            3. New England Journal of medicine
            4.Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharamacology
            5.British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
            Every year students are trained for quiz programmes conducted at various institutions, Preliminary rounds are conducted and students are selected.
1. Our students, Karthikeyan,Ravindar Kashyap and Silambarasan got fourth place in Inter-Collegiate Quiz Programme conducted at Saveetha Medical College, Chennai in October 2013.
2. Amritha Jan, Saroja Gayathri and Supriyaa Sivakumar got third prize in Inter-Collegiate Quiz Programme conducted at Saveetha Medical College on 7.11.2014.

            Medal exam in Pharmacology for MBBS students is conducted every year in the month of January and the winner is honoured during college day celebrations.
            2013- Priyadharsini Kadhirvel
            2014- Ravindar Kashyap
            MBBS students are trained to monitor the Adverse Drug Reactions in the OPD and in-patients and regarding Hospital Antibiotic Policy
            Our student, Amritha Jan won the prize for best essay on Ebola Virus Disease  in Essay Competition conducted by Department of Health Science Research, Chennai Medical College Hospital and Research centre in  Tiruchirapalli on 26.09.2014.          

  •  Quiz programmes  was conducted  from 2nd   year  to final year students  [09.04.12]
  • Seminars
  • Pharmacotherapeutic classes on must know drugs for  must know disorders
  • Sessions on Ethics in prescription  & rational drug use , evidence based medicine
  • Basic skill  development concerned to pharmacology /  drug administration / routes of administration / test dose preparation  /  prescribing errors / dose calculation / injection techniques /  ADR  monitoring
  • Motivational classes on research activities – basics of research / Importance of review of literature at under graduate level
  • Students interactive sessions  on  research activities , skill development in paper presentation & publication basics

Prizes And Awards Constituted By The Department :

                 Gold Medal exam

Prizes And Awards Won: 

           Students of GMKMC / participated in the pharmacology Quiz held at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical college ,           Pondicherry – won the 6th prize out of the 65 colleges participated

Students Attendance Particulars    :    Didactic lectures 140 hrs ,
                                                                  Practicals 50 hrs
                                                                  Demonstration 20hrs
                                                                  Tutorials 40hrs
  Internal Assessment                     :    6 tests per year for each batch
                                                                viva voce on each topic
                                                                Record work
                                                                 Assignment work 
                                                                 Participation in seminars & quiz  
Units under the department 
                                                                Animal House

                                 PHARMACOVIGILANCE PROGRAM
  • The Pharmaco-Vigilance Committee was constituted on 26.06.2010. Regular meetings conducted periodically,
                 Chairman :
                                    Dr R.Ravichandran., DEAN, M.S., MCh
                Member secretary :
                                    1. Dr.  S.  Mohamed Musthafa, M.D., Vice Principal, GMKMC, Salem.
                                     2. Dr. S. Vijayarangan, M.D., Associate Professor,Department of Pharmacology
                 Members :
                                    1)Dr S R Subramanian, M.D., Prof & HOD of Medicine,
                                    2. Dr. C. Rajasekar, M.S., Department of Surgery,
                                     3. Dr. Amudha  , M.S., Department of  O&G,
                                     4. Dr .V. Ravichandran , M.D., D.D.,HOD of Dermatology,
The last meeting of the Committee held on 19-03-2015 and the following things were discussed,
  1. Discussed about conducting a CME programme about pharmacovigilance to medical professionals.
  2. Discussed about creating Pharmacovigilance awareness among MBBS student, CRRIs and nursing students  by conducting meeting in the hospital and college
  3. It was also decided to involve 2nd year MBBS students by giving hands on training in the department of Pharmacology to fill ADR forms and perform causality Assessment for the same
  4. Decision regarding imparting the knowledge of uploading ADR forms to Uppasala monitoring centre for the CRRI Students as a part of their internship.
                We have a well equipped and maintained animal house , with animals like rats,mice and rabbit.
                Our animal house has been registered with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and
              Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) and the registration had been renewed
Experiments for Under Graduates:
                Animal handling techniques
                Demonstration of general Anaesthetic action of Ether in Rats
                Demonstration skeletal muscle relaxant property of Diazepam in mice using Rotarod apparatus
                Demonstration of the action of a mydriatic in Rabbit’s eye
                Demonstration of the action of a miotic in Rabbit’s eye
                Demonstration of  analgesic property of diclofenac in rats by tail flick method using        




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