::: Chief Ministers Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme : Awards Received
     Department of SurgeryAwards Received  and Publications by the Faculties


                         Professor of Surgery
             o   He has received a “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FROM DR. MGR MEDICAL                                       UNIVERSITY”, Chennai by the Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu  and VC & Health Minister in                              the year – 2013.
            o   He has received a “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” from the District Collector, Salem in the year -2010.
            o   He has received the “BEST DOCTOR AWARD” from Indian Medical Association, Salem in the year                                       – 2011. 
            o   He received a “BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD” from the District Collector, Madurai in the year                                           -2013
             o   He has received the Best Performance Award from the District Collector, Salem  in the year – 2014.
             o    He has received the PRESTIGIOUS SEVA RATNA GOLD AWARD at  New Delhi.
              Ø  Vikas Rathan  Gold Award and many more awards.

2.      Department of Microbiology

            o   Dr.V.Elangovan MD, received “ Best Doctor “ award in the year    2011- 12
                    By the   District Collector
            o   Received “Best ICTC Nodal officer award  “in the year 2013 by the District collector.
3.      Department  of Medicine

         Publications from the department during the last 5 years in indexed and non-indexed journals

             1.      Mixed Movement Disorder as the Presenting Manifestation of Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemia                                    (K.Mugundhan, Arun Maksi, J.A.Elanchezhian, V.Rajkumar, A.Thangaraj, R.Anbalagan) – JAPI                                    June 2010 Vol. 58. 387-388
             2.      Interesting case of Diabetes Mellitus in Young (RSSDI 2012) – Dr. S. Ramkumar
             3.      Rare case of Toxic Demyelination following Snake Bite (TAPICON 2013) –
                       Dr. S.Palanikirthika
        E-Journals presented to TN Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Chennai

             1.      Tuberculoma En Plaque Cavernous Sinus – Dr. S. Arun
             2.      Ataxia Telangiectasia – Dr. R. Jayalakshmi
             3.      Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy Type 2A – A Case Report –
                       Dr. M.Rajesh
            4.      Adrenal Mass – A Case Report – Dr. R. Praveenbabu
            5.      ASV induced Toxic Demeyelination – ADEM – Dr. B. Shyamsundar
 4.      Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

             Awards Received

                        Dr.V.Sindhuja, Associate Professor
                                    1.      Best Doctor Award for performance of highest number of  sterilisation surgeries in                                                   kanchipuram District -2005.

 List of Publications
           Dr.V.Sindhuja, Associate Professor
                      1.    Staging Laporotomy followed by Adjuvant chemotneeapy compared to NACT                                                         followed by interval cyto reductive surgery in cancer ovary-world congress of OG, Kenya-                                     2008
                      2.    Dysgerminoma in swyer’s syndrome-Rare case report-submitted to Journal of Obstetrics &                                     Gynaecology 2014.

5.      Department of Neurology
      List of publications –    NATIONAL
                     1.      K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Posterior Circulation Stroke in a Young                                   Male following Snake Bite. JAPI. September 2008 VOL.56: 713-714.
                     2.      K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Epidermal Nevus Syndrome- A Neuro-                                   Cutaneous Marker. JAPI. September 2009 VOL.57: 646.
                     3.      K Mugundhan, Arun Maski, JA Elanchezian, V Rajkumar, A Thangaraj,  R Anbalagan. Mixed                               Movement Disorder as the Presenting Manifestation of Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemia. JAPI.                                            June 2010 VOL.58.387-388.
                      4.      K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Congenital Crocadile Tears with Duane’s                                      Syndrome- Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Syndrome. JAPI. May 2011 VOL.59: 2.
                      5.       Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar. Familial Episodic Ataxia Type II. JAPI.                                           October 2011 VOL.59: 666
                      6.       K Mugundhan, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar Bardet-Biedl Syndrome with Seizures                                               JAPI.July 2013  VOL.61.
                      7.       K Mugundhan, P Senthilkumar. Persistent Hypoglossal Artery - A Rare Vascular Anomaly.                                          JAPI.November 2013  VOL.61.
                       8.      .K Mugundhan,CJ Selvakumar, K Gunasekaran, K Thiruvarutchelvan, S Sivakumar,M.                                                   Anguraj, S Arun. Parry-Romberg Syndrome (Progressive Hemifacial Atrophy) with                                              Spasmodic Dysphonia - A Rare Association. JAPI.APRIL 2014 VOL.62. 38.
                       9. S Rajesh,R Durairaj, K Mugundan, M Rajasekar, S Balasubramanian, S    Velusamy, Shanbogue                                           K R.  Somnambulism due to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy- A Case report. Annals Of                                                     Indian Academy Of Neurology,2004, Vol.7 : 437-438.
                        10.  K R Shanbogue.  S Rajesh,R Durairaj, K Mugundan, , S Balasubramanian, S Gopinathan, S    
                                           Velusamy, Somnambulism due to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy- A Case report. Annals Of                                             Indian Academy Of Neurology,2004, Vol.7 : 437-438.
List of publications –    INTERNATIONAL
                        11.Mugundhan Krishnan, Palanivel Rajan, Chandrasekharan Kesavadas, Rajesh   Shankar Iyer.                                               The ‘heart appearance’ sign in MRI in bilateral       medial medullary infarction.                                                     Postgrad Med J 2011 87: 156-157.
                       12 .Mugundhan Krishnan, Senthil Kumar, Shahar Ali, Rajesh   Shankar Iyer. Sudden bilateral                                                    anterior cerebral infarction: unusual stroke associated with unusual vascular                                                          anomalies. Postgrad Med J 2013;89:120-121                                                      
                       13.Rajesh Shankar Iyer, Thanikasalam, Mugundhan Krishnan
                                         Migrating partial seizures in infancy and 47XYY syndrome: Cause or     coincidence?                                               Epilepsy&Behaviour Case Reports 2(2014) 43-45.
Papers presented in National Conferences :

                        1.Neurological complications of Varicella infections in adults-at the Annual conference of Indian                                           Academy Of Neurology,2004 at Nagpur, India.
                         2.Lupus Presenting as CNS Vasculitis- at the Annual conference of Indian Academy Of                                                        Neurology,2005 at Jaipur, India.
                         3.Binswangers Disease Presenting as L-Dopa Responsive Parkinsonism- at the Annual                                                        conference of Indian Academy Of Neurology, 2006 at  Bangalore,India.
                         4.Young Stroke of Indeterminate Cause- at Annual Conference Of Indian Academy of                                                         Neurology, 2008 at New Delhi, India
                         5.Persistent hypoglossal artery- A rare vascular anamoly- at Annual Conference Of Indian                                                   Academy of Neurology, 2009 at Kochi, India.
                         6.Familial Episodic Ataxia Type II- at Annual Conference Of Indian Academy of Neurology,                                            2010 at Trichy, India.
                          7.An Interesting Case of Bilateral Anterior Cerebral Artery Infarct- at Annual Conference Of                                             Indian Academy of Neurology, 2011 at Pune, India.
                          8.Acute Bilateral  hemispherical Infarction at Annual Conference Of Indian Academy of                                                      Neurology, 2012 atAhamedabad, India.
                          9. Ischemic Orbial Compartmental Syndrome following Spinal Surgery- at Annual Conference                                              Of Indian Academy of Neurology, 2013 at Indur, India.
6.       Department of Cardiology

                          1.Cardiovascular manifestations in HIV infected patients – Indian Heart Journal – 57.565 –                                              2005.
                           2.Analysis of Coronary angiogram in AMI – Indian Heart Journal.
                           3. Echocardiographic Evaluation of L Preterm Newborn – Indian Heart Journal – 2004.
                           4. Cardiac isoform of alpha 2 macroglobulin an early diagnostic marker for cardiac                                                                   manifestations in AIDS patients. Research letters Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
                          5.Diastolic dysfunction as a predictor of 30 day mortality after Acute Myocardial Infarction –                                                    Indian Heart Journal – 2002.
                          6.PDA closure by Brufen therapy -  Indian Heart Journal – 2006.
                           7. Noncompaction of Left Ventricle with Eisenmenger Complex – Med ej
                          8.LA appendage function assessment by Tissue Doppler Imaging – 2005 Indian Heart Journal .
                          9. Realtime 3 D Echo of Mitral stenosis Pre and Post Balloom Mitral Valvotomy in Mitral                                                         stenosis patients.
                         10.Incidence of Coronary artery anomalies in the current era – An Angiographic study - Indian                                                     Heart Journal – 2012.
                          11 Pulmonary embolism – 2005 Tan CSI Year book.
                          12 Should Tran Esophageal Echo be a routine workup in all young strokes? A tertiary centre                                                        study. Indian Heart Journal – 2011.
                          13.Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – Topic presentation TAN CSI year book 2005.
                           14.Usage of Tissue Doppler imaging in Diastolic Dysfunction. Indian Heart Journal 2005.
                            15.Myocardial Performance Index in assessing LV Function. Indian Heart Journal – 2006.
7.      Department of  Dermatovenerology
                        a. Indian J Xex Transm Dis.2013 Jan-Jun; 34-37.                                                                                .                                           Observance of Kassowitz law-late congenital syphilis: Palatal  perforation and saddle                                              nose deformity as presenting features : Govindan Balaji and Subramanian  Kalaivani
                       b. Sinecatechins: a better prospect for treating anogenital wart?
                                            Govindan Balaji doi; 10.4103/0253 7184.132415 . India J Sex Transm Dis.2014,                                                        VOL 35 no 1 January – June 2014, 75-76
8.        Department of Medical Gastroenterology
            List of awards received by faculties
                      1.      World Hepatitis Alliance appreciation certificate 2012.
            List of publication
            1.  Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy – ISGCON 2010
            2.  Profile of HBsAg Screening – Journal of ISG, November 2013.
            3.  Profile of Chronic Liver Disease in Salem – Journal of ISG, November 2013.
9.      Department of Nephrology 
             List of publications
                      1)  Ponnudhali D, Nagarajan p (2011) Lipoprotein (a) and dyslipidemia in predialysis chronic                                                        kidney disease patients and in patients on maintenance hemodialysis. International                                                  Journal of Basis Medical Science 2: 131 – 137.
 10.  Department of  Surgical Gastro Enterology
              List of awards
                      1. B Braun award for best post graduate in Surgical Gastroenterology (MCh) –
                                    Dr.L. Anand – Associate Professor SGE – 2008
                                    Dr.A. Sastha – Assistant Professor SGE – 2013
                      2.Gold Medal in Surgical Gastroenterology – MCh final exam
                                    Dr.L. Anand – Associate Professor SGE – 2009
                       3.Sundaram award for best research paper – TN & P chapter of ASI
                                    Dr.L. Anand – Associate Professor SGE – 2004
               List of publication
                    1. Biliary cycsadenoma – A case for complete resection – HPB Surgery 2012 – A. Sastha,                                      L. Anand.
                     2.Bleeding complications in pancreatic surgery: Role of harmonic scalpel – Indian Journal of                             Surgery 2012 – L. Anand.
                       3.Isolated caudate lobe resection – Annals of Gastroenterology – A. Sastha, L. Anand.

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